Robocoin Spreads Its Bitcoin ATMs Further

robocoin12 Mar 2014 / Tech Crunch – Robocoin, the bi-directional Bitcoin ATM, is ramping up its nascent footprint — with launches planned for 10 more global locations.

The company said today it will be shipping its first Bitcoin ATMs to two more U.S. locations — Boston and Seattle — and also ramping up globally, with machines heading for Israel, Ireland, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Japan, Australia, the U.K. and Italy.

Robocoin’s ATMs allow for cash-to-cryptocurrency conversions or vice versa — allowing users to both buy and sell BTC, and simplifying the “historically arduous exchange process” that’s put plenty of less tech-savvy people off buying a few Bitcoin.

To oil the Bitcoin on-ramp, Robocoin offers a “generate wallet” feature to facilitate BTC newbies’ baby steps into the brave/terrifying new crypto-currency world.

The recent high profile implosion of one of the first online Bitcoin exchanges, Mt.Gox, is one cautionary example of the game of snakes & ladders that traders in the cryptocurrency can face. Bitcoin’s wild value swings is another.

Ergo, a physical ATM terminal that allows for immediate withdrawal of BTC is likely to feel comparatively reassuring — so it’s possible Robocoin could benefit from a Mt.Gox-going-bankrupt bounce (albeit, its technology was necessarily integrating with Mt.Gox, along with other digital currency exchanges such as Bitstamp and BTC China, to facilitate trades for customers)….. Read more

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