Quantum Properties Accepts Bitcoin For Condo Deposits

quantumproperties18 Jan 2014 / Huffington Post Canada – A Fraser Valley-based developer is tapping into digital currency to provide more options for buyers.

Quantum Properties in Abbotsford is B.C.’s first real estate developer to accept Bitcoin for deposits on its condos, Business in Vancouver reported.

And while no buyers have used the currency to purchase a home, the company wants to be innovative, CEO Diane Delves told the newspaper.

“I like to keep up with current trends,” she said. “Why not get in on it?”

Bitcoin is a form of Internet money that allows peer-to-peer purchases online. It appeals to consumers because it removes a middleman such as a central bank or credit card company, and it permits anonymity in online payments.

Vancouver became the first city to host a Bitcoin ATM after a kiosk was installed at a downtown Waves Coffee in October 2013. Quantum Properties’ Vancouver office is located next door, Global News reported.

While popular, the currency’s value has shown some vulnerability. The price of Bitcoin crashed in early December after China’s central bank told financial institutions that the currency was not real….. Read more


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