PokerNews Guide To Bitcoin, Pt. 2: The Pros of Bitcoin in Online Poker

pokerbitcoin16 Dec 2013 / Poker News – As Bitcoin becomes more and more of an emerging currency market, it should be something that is on every poker player’s radar. In the PokerNews Guide To Bitcoin, Part 1: we discussed what Bitcoin is and how it can relate to poker. For Part 2, we will look at the advantages of Bitcoin on the online felt.

To give PokerNews readers a better understanding of the pros and cons of Bitcoin poker sites, we reached out to Michael Hadjuk, owner and CEO of Infiniti Poker, which offered a soft launch of the site on Nov. 27, 2013. We also spoke with top Toronto-based iGaming lawyer and accountant Stuart Hoegner, who has been researching and writing about Bitcoin since 2009 while representing several major clients (gaming and otherwise) in this emerging sector. He is also general counsel to the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.

Pros of Bitcoin in Online Poker

1. Transferring Money On and Off the Online Poker Sites Works Better Than Current Models

Requirements for depositing and cashing out for Bitcoin (BTC) sites is similar to playing on traditional online poker sites in the sense that an intermediary eWallet is needed to move money to and from a site. However, that is where the comparison ends. Depending on which non-Bitoin online poker site you use and how much you first deposit, moving money on and off a site can be easy or difficult, but according to the leading Bitcoin poker site,, players can make instant deposits, and cash-outs take less than 12 hours at most. Satoshi Poker claims to offer deposit and withdrawal capabilities that take less than an hour….. Read more

Part 1:

PokerNews Guide To Bitcoin, Pt. 1: What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Relate to Poker?

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