Piper – World`s Most Secure Bitcoin Wallet From Paper

piper 21 June 2014 / Tech Cinema – Indeed Bitcoins help people to make online transactions easier without any limitation.

In a case you are new on this, your Bitcoins will be stored at a particular address on the internet, and if you want to spend them or move them, you’ll need a cryptographic private key associated with that address.

The problem is, are you sure your Bitcoins can`t be hacked? Not sure?

Yea sure, most people (maybe including you) can use Bitcoins wallet to store their keys in their PC or particular website that offers online wallet services. But again are you sure hackers can hack these virtual wallet services? No???

If you are worried, Piper is here to the rescue.

Piper is Linux-based, open source, and powered by the Raspberry Pi. You can even use your own standard printer to print your own Bitcoins wallet. This way you can secure your key offline away from hackers (but not to traditional thief)….. Read more


Photo & video: piperwallet.com

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