Pepperdine Students Bring Bitcoin to Malibu

malibubitcoin24 Oct 2014 / Malibu Times – Four entrepreneurial Pepperdine University students have launched a brokerage to exclusively handle the world’s latest category of money – bitcoins.

Headquartered at the Malibu campus, Calvin Freatman, a junior and economics major at Pepperdine, became involved in the venture in 2010 with Jacob Norte, a junior and political science major.

“We always believed in the fact that this technology can revolutionize and finance everything we can think of,” Freatman, the chief financial officer, told the Times in a phone interview.

The two then brought Stephan Salas, a Pepperdine sophomore and business and computer science major, and Ryan Doyle, a junior and business and economics major, on board….. Read more

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