Newegg teaser suggests the US online retail giant may begin accepting Bitcoin soon

Neweggbitcoin11 Jan 2014 / The Next Web – Bitcoin got a huge boost this week when online electronics retailer began accepting payments via the cryptocurrency, hot on the heels of Zygna starting a Bitcoin pilot. Those two significant brands could be joined by an even bigger name in the US consumer space, Newegg.

The company tweeted a teaser which suggests it may embrace the virtual currency soon:

neweggtwitter makes more than $1.3 billion per year from sales, making it easily the largest company to accept Bitcoin to date — but Newegg is bigger still. The company is estimated to be worth $3 billion, with Forbes reporting that it turned over $2.8 billion in sales back in 2012.

With little support from governments worldwide — bar Singapore — retail acceptance is a big deal for Bitcoin. Zynga’s announcement helped push its valuation over the $1,000 earlier this week, and it could surge higher with further backing. (The valuation is $830 at the time of writing.)….. Read more!rXaYe

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