New Coinbase for Android, and Coinbase Merchant App Released For Android

coinbaseapp30 Dec 2013 / Coinbase Blog – We just released Coinbase for Android 2.0 on the Play Store. Coinbase for Android 2.0 features a new UI along with improved speed, reliability, and ease of use.

We’re also releasing an all-new Coinbase Merchant app, which makes it easy for merchants to accept bitcoin.

Download Coinbase For Android | Coinbase Merchant


Coinbase For Android


Coinbase for Android has been updated and now supports easy refreshing of the buy / sell price and the ability to hide your balance. It’s also easier to switch between accounts, and refreshing the app is much faster. Numerous bugs were fixed, a bitcoin price widget has been added, and the app has been translated into three new languages: Czech, Spanish, and Dutch.  To contribute additional translations please check out the open source repository for the apps.

Coinbase Merchant

Point of sale functionality has been moved to the new, separate Coinbase Merchant application, available on the Play Store. All of Coinbase’s online merchant offerings are now available offline – that means:

  • Any merchant can now accept bitcoin using the POS app.
  • No exchange risk with instant, guaranteed exchange to USD. Deposited in your bank account daily.
  • 0% fees on your first $1 million USD of transactions.  After that pay just 1%.
  • Track orders in your Coinbase account online and generate accounting reports for your bookkeeping.
  • and more

Both applications are available on the Play Store now for Android 2.3 and up.

Download Coinbase for Android | Coinbase Merchant

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