Major Gaming Company Leads the Pack on Early Adoption of Revolutionary Bitcoin

playerauctionsbitcoin31 July 2014 / Broadway World – PlayerAuctions, the largest player-to-player secondary market in the US/EU dedicated for video game-based assets, has rolled out its latest payment method to serve the requests of the gaming industry and seize present and future opportunities presented by accepting bitcoin. Integration with, a payment processing company that allows merchants to easily and securely integrate bitcoin payments alongside more traditional payment methods, has been successfully tested and is now in full deployment for its users on the global trading platform.

“As one of the first virtual goods marketplaces, we at PlayerAuctions have over a decade worth of knowledge of our demographics telling us that bitcoin is a good fit. Our users tend to be tech-savvy and early adopters—therefore, accepting bitcoin falls in line with our forward-looking company goals,” says Jacob Aldaco, Head of Western Marketplaces at PlayerAuctions. “As a secondary market trade site, we want to provide participants with these types of payment options, while keeping company risk low, customer flexibility high, and the highest standards in security for all parties.”

With an eco-system containing billions of dollars worth of bitcoin and a relatively limited number of places to spend it, early adopters like PlayerAuctions are poised to reap a windfall from this early-mover advantage from both a near-term profitability and longer-term market share standpoint.

“Allowing the millions of worldwide customers in the gaming sector to buy digital assets with digital currency makes a lot of sense,” says Matthew Mellon, Board Member and Overall Bitcoin Ambassador for who helped to facilitate this partnership. “This integration is truly the perfect marriage—and also helps to bring more wide-spread usage of bitcoin as a whole.”……. Read more

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