Living on the virtual currency Bitcoin

liveonbitcoin24 Nov 2013 / ABC – Is digital currency a passing fad, or the future of money? For 101 days, newlyweds Austin Craig and Beccy Bingham-Craig from Utah lived off nothing but Bitcoin. Everything from food and fuel, to rent and travel had to be covered by the virtual currency. They shared their experience with RN Drive, as Helene Hofman writes.

Just two weeks into his experiment to use only the virtual currency Bitcoin, Austin Craig took to his blog to vent his frustrations. ‘Life on Bitcoin is, for the (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

time being, hard work and a lot of hassle,’ he wrote.

Austin, an actor and video consultant from Provo, Utah, and his new wife, graphic designer Beccy Bingham-Craig, had pledged that for their first 90 days of their marriage they would go without US dollars. Instead, everything from food and fuel, to rent and travel would have to be covered by Bitcoin. The challenge would begin on July 23, the day they returned from a 10-day honeymoon in Costa Rica….. Read more

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