KwikDesk, An Ephemeral Messaging Platform, Mulls Introducing Bitcoin

decoderRing22 Nov 2013 / Tech Crunch – An interesting idea sprouted up this week called KwikDesk, dubbing itself as a “Snapchat Meets Twitter.”

The service allows anyone to send self-destructing messages into the ether with tags, which can be used to later dig them back up in a search. It’s entirely anonymous, with no senders IP log or record of individual users. Senders can choose to let the message live for 24 hours, 10 days, or 100 days.

Founder Kevin Abosch tells TechCrunch that the service plans to integrate the transmission of Bitcoin, and has just put a team on it.

It’s a head scratcher. Bitcoin is now being accepted by a number of entities as legitimate currency, but the added layer of anonymity from KwikDesk leaves a Silk Road-esque taste in the mouth.

Abosch says he never thought of that, but is rather interested in the BitCoin movement and how it can be applied to his latest art project that seemingly blew up.

“When I saw the US government is auctioning off that silkroad guy’s seized bit coin assets, I thought that’s validation of the currency,” said Abosch. “I love the idea that my little art project could end up being the easiest way to move this new currency. The whole underlying structure of bit coins is anonymity and respect of privacy.”

See, Abosch is actually a professional photographer (as well as an investor, and an advisor to Summly) who developed KwikDesk as a conceptual art project…… Read more

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