Kraken partners with PayCash to resume USD deposits, adds GBP trading

kraken-paycash30 Oct 2014 / DC Magnates – Kraken is resuming USD deposits again thanks to its partnership with Luxembourg-based payment processor PayCash. With the partnership, the exchange will also accept GBP deposits and add a BTC/GBP (referred to XBT/GBP on Kraken) trading pair.

Kraken indicated that it is the only major exchange to offer a dedicated XBT/GBP order book. Recently, bitcoin vault service Netagio also launched GBP-denominated trading, but the company still has a ways to go in growing this area of their business into a major full-fledged exchange.

Kraken ceased USD deposits earlier this year after what it said was its banking partner’s inability to handle the volume Kraken required. Even while the USD deposit option remained on hold, the USD-denominated trading pair continued.

Until now, the only fiat-denominated deposit option for clients had been with euros. With a lower level of verification, deposits can be made with digital currencies….. Read more


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