Indian Bitcoin operators resume operations cautiously

IndiaFlag15 Jan 2014 / The Hindu – After suspending their operations for a few weeks amid growing regulatory glare, many bitcoin operators have cautiously resumed courting business from their clients and some new players have also come to fore in India.

The Reserve Bank last month had issued a warning against dealing in bitcoin and other virtual currencies due to various risks, including those related to money-laundering and cyber security, as such digital currencies are not backed by any assets or monetary authorities.

Besides, tax authorities and the Enforcement Directorate have also initiated action against some bitcoin operators in recent weeks, which resulted in many entities suspending their operations.

However, many bitcoin operators and even some corporate houses have recently stepped up their lobbying for a clear regulatory framework on digital currencies in India.

In the meantime, some operators like Unocin have resumed operations, although on a ‘trial basis’, while some new entities have also started dealing in bitcoins.

“Unocoin is running on trial basis. Strict buying and selling limits are applied on all accounts,” it said in a message displayed prominently on its website.

Unocoin says it will be collecting 0.5 per cent of trade value from customers on every bitcoin buy and sell operations.

Unocoin will also contribute one per cent of trade value to Bitcoins Alliance India (BAI), a new grouping formed by bitcoin operators in India, to further their cause.

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