il Giornale, an Italian daily newspaper Now Accepting Bitcoin from Subscribers

IlGiornale28 June 2014 / Forex Minute – il Giornale, an Italian daily newspaper published in Milan, Italy is now accepting Bitcoin from the subscribers. Thus, becoming the first major Italian newspaper outlet accepting Bitcoin for digital subscriptions, the newspaper claims to hit new high. The measure is aimed to embrace the new technology and be in sync with the change.

The first information regarding the new feature came in when the visitors saw the Bitcoin logo boldly visible on il Giornale‘s digital subscriptions page. The logo was with a message that read that the Journal was the first newspaper in Italy and in Europe who accepts payments in Bitcoin.

This is not an ordinary development for Bitcoin in Italy, as il Giornale is one of the top 20 daily papers in Italy which according to the data collected has circulation of more than 678,000 in 2012. The number may have gone up definitely in the last one and half year.

Embracing the new technology, it will further gain the respect from Bitcoin enthusiasts….. Read more

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