Idaho lakefront property for sale in Bitcoin

idahoproperty08 Mar 2014 / Sacramento Bee – COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — It’s going to be interesting to see what prime real estate on Lake Coeur d’Alene goes for in the digital currency known as Bitcoin.

Hayden resident Alan Golub is selling a package of 660 contiguous acres overlooking Moscow Bay that includes the site of the once proposed and controversial Chateau de Loire development. He is seeking a virtual pile of bitcoins.

Golub was a real estate agent involved in the sale of approximately 570 acres to Kirk-Hughes Development, which attempted to establish Chateau de Loire. That proposed development featured French-themed luxury housing and a golf course.

Las Vegas-based Kirk-Hughes contracted to buy the land, but it ultimately didn’t pay the real estate commission of $941,000, sparking multiple lawsuits, Golub said. He filed a lawsuit of his own, alleging fraud.

“It was a very high-priced property and it was a high commission,” he said.

Nearly a decade after Kirk-Hughes blew into town in 2004, Golub purchased 50 acres at the site for $1.4 million in a sheriff’s sale late last year.

“It’s actually the most spectacular part of the property,” Golub said Tuesday. “It’s all of the waterfront.”…. Read more

Photo credit: The Coeur D’Alene Press, Shawn Gust / AP Photo

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