Cryptolina: An Event To Make the Southeast a Leader in Bitcoin

Cryptolina27 May 2014 / ExitEvent – A government public information officer and a medical device salesman may not sound like the most obvious pair to host the region’s first Bitcoin conference.

But their interest in the controversial cryptocurrency is symbolic of its evolution from a little understood hobby of software developers and gamers to headline-grabbing darling of the world’s most influential venture capitalists (despite some very high-profile, law-breaking mishaps). The mission of organizers Faruk Okcetin and Dan Spuller of newly-created Coinstate Ventures is to take Bitcoin mainstream and to provide a venue for people from across the Southeast to learn about the digital currency, ask questions and get engaged. That means startup founders and business executives, college students, retirees and soccer moms.

The first Cryptolina Bitcoin Expo is happening August 15 and 16 at the Raleigh Convention Center. It’s the latest and largest of a series of recent local events gathering people to discuss and share about the opportunity surrounding Bitcoin. In March, ExitEvent writer Bill Bing wrote about a popular new Triangle Bitcoin Meetup, and his newfound understanding of the industry.

Duke University held a Bitcoin conference in April, with more than 100 attendees. Similar events are beginning to pop up in cities around the world. After all, cryptocurrency a week ago became recognized as a word by the Oxford Dictionary…… Read more

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