Cryptocurrency candidates: Bitcoin enters politics

hemingwaybitcoin09 Aug 2014 / CNBC – Andrew Hemingway was introduced to bitcoin four years ago while working as a tech entrepreneur. At 32, he is now the Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire—the youngest gubernatorial candidate in state history—and the first to accept bitcoin donations.

In May, a unanimous vote by the Federal Election Commission made it legal for bitcoin donations to be deposited into official campaign accounts. Donations are capped at $100 per person, per cycle.

“Every candidate has their base and their network … I think by nature the currency trends significantly young and tech-savvy, so that’s my base,” Hemingway said. “My friends use bitcoin, their friends use bitcoin … it’s a part of a community.”

About 20 percent of Hemingway’s donations so far have come from bitcoins. If elected, he hopes to make New Hampshire the first state to accept bitcoin as payment for state taxes and fees.

“I would say certainly so far the earliest adopters in terms of candidates have been younger,” Christopher David, CEO of bitcoin consulting company CoinVox, said of campaigns funded by the cryptocurrency….. Read more

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