‘Countries and govts can’t ban or limit the impact of Bitcoins’

whybitcoinmatters15 Apr 2014 / India Times – It takes a patient man to stand up to the much touted and often damaging impatience of dealing in Bitcoins. There is a wintry outlook to the fate of Bitcoins, but insiders argue the digital currency is here to stay and it will not end in tears.

For people in the industry, Bitcoin has gone popular as people have started understanding it. “It takes time for people to get a sense of what Bitcoin has to offer, but once they do, they know it can cause disruption in the existing financial

industry, which has layers and layers of fees and delays,” says Antony Lewis, Business Development, itBit.com. Founded by Rich Teo in April 2012, itBit is a digital currency exchange.

Lewis draws parallels between Bitcoin and the start of internet, when people said it would only be used by the geeks in the universities. “However, as people at large and regulators in each country grasp what Bitcoin can do, it will only spur the popularity of Bitcoins,” he says.

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