Coinbase Extends Bitcoin Access to International Customers

coinbaseinternationalbitcoin11 Sept 2014 / New York Times – Coinbase is taking its Bitcoin services to Europe in a move that could help expand the virtual currency’s reach.

The company, one of the most popular digital wallet providers, said on Wednesday that it was expanding to 13 European countries, including France, Italy and the Netherlands, by allowing those with authorized European bank accounts to buy and sell Bitcoins in exchange for euros. Previously, only users with United States bank accounts could exchange Bitcoins on Coinbase, though anyone in the world could set up a digital wallet to hold the virtual currency.

“The ability to easily buy and sell Bitcoin has been a really key factor in accelerating Bitcoin adoption,” said Fred Ehrsam, a co-founder of Coinbase. “This opens up the entire network to a larger degree.”

In the beginning, Coinbase, based in San Francisco, will limit Bitcoin purchases and sales to 500 euros, or about $645, a day to ensure the process is smooth, but Mr. Ehrsam said he expected that limit to increase quickly. Coinbase allows United States users to buy and sell up to $50,000 a day in Bitcoin….. Read more

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