Central Washington Home To Nation’s Biggest Bitcoin ‘Mine,’ More Coming

BitcoinMinenorthwest10 Apr 2014 / NW News Network – Here’s a surprising fact: the largest bitcoin “mine” in North America is located on the outskirts of Wenatchee, Wash.

It’s not a “mine” in the traditional sense. In these mines, you won’t have helmets, lamps or pickaxes. And there’s no danger of cave in. In this case, it’s two warehouses that have been converted into a data center.

At this moment, computers around the world are racing to solve complex algorithms. Whoever wins – earns the prize of 25 newly created bitcoins. This digital money can then be traded or used to buy goods directly.

But running all those math formulas to make this cyber-currency takes a lot of electricity. And this is where Central Washington comes in.

“Thousands and thousands of boards here”

Dave Carlson, CEO of mine operator MegaBigPower, leads me through the unmarked door of what looks from the outside like a cold-storage warehouse.

Inside you can feel the air moving and hear a constant low roar from big floor fans, dozens upon dozens of box fans and industrial ventilation blowers.

“That is all just to try to pull the heat out as best we can from all of this equipment,” explains Carlson.

As for the miners themselves?….. Read more


Photo credit: Tom Banse Northwest News Network

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