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moblieblockchain20 Dec 2013 / CoinDesk – CoinDesk spoke to Nicolas and Ben of about it being the #1 bitcoin site, how it will remain so into the future, why its users trust it so much and how online wallets need to be easy to use as well as secure.

The team has been busy. The site grew by over 50% last month, with over 118 million page views and over 3 million unique visitors in November 2013. The number of registered bitcoin wallets jumped from 500,000 at the start of the month to 800,000 at the end and is now on its way to 1 million. These ‘My Wallet’ users engage in about 24,000 transactions daily, sending about 150,000 BTC in total.

That’s quite a change from January 2013, when the site boasted “over 110,000 users.” Even in August, daily transactions were around 100,000 BTC (worth $12m at the time). Due to the way Blockchain’s encryption works, it is impossible to know the total number of bitcoins stored there.

Services has grown to be not only the #1 most visited bitcoin-related site, but arguably also the most compelling and most-often quoted. If the block chain itself is bitcoin’s raw narrative told in some incomprehensible language, then is its interpreter.

The clean, bare-bones design appeals to statistics geeks and bitcoin newcomers alike, with a simple search box to recover information on transaction IDs, bitcoin addresses, or IP addresses. There’s a page of various developer APIs providing access to every kind of useful data on the bitcoin economy with a simple message: “Services provided by are free of charge. Please do not abuse them.”…… Read more

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