CEO: We Pay Employees in Bitcoin. And Someday You Might, Too.

blockchainpayroll03 June 2014 / Entrepreneur – Nicolas Cary is convinced Bitcoin is as monumental a game changer as the Internet itself.

He believes in it so much that he’s perfectly fine with getting paid 100 percent in the world’s first digital cash by his employer,, the popular Bitcoin wallet and block explorer he leads as CEO (and chief bacon officer).

Actually, everyone at the York, England-based startup gets paid in Bitcoin only. The company doesn’t even have a single traditional bank account.

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Nic, as most people know and call him, is a fast-talking, upbeat Bitcoin die-hard. The avid runner and fly fisherman travels the world pretty much constantly, preaching the benefits of what he seriously sees as the “future of money.”

In the past six months alone, Nic has talked up Bitcoin in some 40 countries throughout Asia, Europe, North Africa and South America. Last April, the Denver, Colo., native returned stateside to keynote at MediaBistro’s Inside Bitcoins conference in New York City.

Earlier this month he crowed on Twitter that was on the brink of sailing past the 1.6 million user mark, which it promptly did. Not too shabby for a small Bitcoin business born in 2011, back when the cybercurrency peaked at a skimpy $32. Today, at 3:46 p.m. E.T., a single Bitcoin was worth 20 times that, hovering near $640…. Read more

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