Blockchain CEO calls Apple a ‘gatekeeper on innovation’

niccary10 Feb 2014 / Tuaw – Apple last week removed a Bitcoin wallet app called Blockchain from the App Store, prompting Blockchain CEO Nicholas Cary to lay out some harsh words for Apple.

In a video interview with CNBC, Cary said Apple was a “gatekeeper on innovation” and that the company removed the app without providing any sort of viable explanation. What Apple ultimately told Cary via a succinct email was that the app was removed “due to an unresolved issue.”

Cary theorizes that the app was likely removed because Apple is planning to get into the mobile payments space and that they therefore view Blockchain as a competing service. Notably, Blockchain has been on the App Store since July of 2012, which only serves to add a layer of confusion as to the app’s abrupt removal.

“Apple has telegraphed they’ll do something on top of the hundreds of millions of credit cards they have on their system,” Cary told CNBC. “Bitcoin represents a major threat to any revenue model they may try to build. Anything they do with credit cards is not going to be innovative. Bitcoin is.”

In fact, Blockchain isn’t the only Bitcoin-based app to have been shown the door in recent months….. Read more

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