Bitcoin‘s Popularity Growing Among Indian Students

bitcoinallianceindia09 Sept 2014 / Bidness ETC – The notion of using bitcoins received significant enthusiasm in India at a seminar held at the HR College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai last week. The seminar was headed by Vishal Gupta from the Bitcoin Alliance of India, and was voluntarily attended by 250 undergraduate students. The HR College faculty informed Gupta that it was the highest attendance recorded at a guest speaker’s seminar.

The presentation was almost a two-hour session, comprising a lecture about the history and future of money, followed by an hour long Q&A session. Gupta was surprised at the basic knowledge the students possessed about bitcoin, considering there is barely any proper awareness of the subject publicly available in the country, and his Bitcoin Alliance of India website receives just 150 visitors per day on average. Students even asked about Mt Gox’s collapse, a Tokyo-based Bitcoin exchange, and showed concern over the transparency issues in the block chain, as well as the future of the currency when the mining limit is reached….. Read more

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