Bitcoin your way to a double espresso

UKbitcoin18 June 2014 / CNN – By now we’re all familiar with the term Bitcoin, the notorious digital currency with dozens of copycats.

But most of us would find it difficult to imagine actually using this crypto-currency or even picturing what it looks like.

In fact, only a handful of venues in bustling London actually accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

That could be changing though, as the UK’s first Bitcoin ATM machine arrived earlier this year at The Old Shoreditch Station café and bar in modish East London.

CNN set out to find out more about the machine which allows customers to buy coffees and cakes in the café.

Jaguarshoes Collective founder and café owner Nick Letchford was already using Bitcoin as a form of currency when he decided to install the machine after meeting a fellow enthusiast who pitched the idea to him.

“I am quite a sci-fi enthusiast and well, immediately I was captivated by the idea of it. I saw it as very much the way forward,” Letchford told CNN’s Nina Dos Santos, at the café in London. “I mean, a virtual currency or a digital currency is definitely the way the future of finance is headed,” he said.

The owner of the machine, Joel Raziel, said he had the idea to install a machine in Letchford’s café after seeing one at a convention several months ago.

“I was so amazed by the machine. I thought someone might bring one to the UK,” said Raziel….. Read more

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