Bitcoin, you have a China problem

bitcoin-china27 Nov 2013 / PandoDaily – By all metrics and accounts, bitcoin’s popularity is exploding across the People’s Republic of China. It now boasts the world’s most active bitcoin exchange, BTC China, the greatest number of bitcoin mining nodes, the highest number of bitcoin wallet downloads, and set the record for the highest price ever paid for a bitcoin (7,000 yuan or approximately $1,120 on November 19) while trading at just $900 on Mt. Gox. A map of global bitcoin trading activity further illustrates China’s dominance.

Bitcoin bulls are eager to see the currency spread and gain broader global adoption, and thus may not view this as a problem. But for a currency touted for its independence from government interference, the growing concentration of Chinese influence over this crypto-currency wealth creates a single point of failure for the system. The same would be true if you replaced China with any other country (assuming it could generate similar trading volumes), but the fact that it is the notoriously unpredictable China doesn’t inspire confidence…… Read more

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