Bitcoin withdrawals resume on Bitstamp, bitcoin surges back above $700

bitstamp14 Feb 2014 / Marketwatch – Several users have reported that withdrawals have resumed at Bitstamp, a popular Bitcoin exchange based in Slovenia, following the company’s announcement earlier Friday that withdrawals would be enabled by the day’s end.

The company had suspended withdrawals on Tuesday because of concerns about a bug in the exchange’s software known as transaction malleability. The bug allows hackers to create false transaction data, eroding one of bitcoin’s most touted characteristics — that every transaction is unique and that, unlike other payment systems, the transfer of bitcoin was completely secure.

The site has yet to release any updates, and representatives of Bitstamp could not be reached for comment.

The price has risen above $700 from an opening price of $609 Friday. The price of a bitcoin on Mt. Gox had fallen to $300 recently.

Users on r/bitcoin and reported successful bitcoin withdrawals earlier today. Andreas Antonopoulos, chief security officer of, announced in a Tweet that Bitstamp has resumed processing withdrawals…. Read more


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