Bitcoin Ready to Go Mainstream?

bitcoinacceptedhere19 Dec 2013 / NBC Bay Area – You can leave the cash and the plastic at home if you go to places like Coupa Café in downtown Palo Alto or Ocean Blue Sushi Club in Sunnyvale.

They accept Bitcoin.

JP Coupal who owns the café said he’s done at least $4,000 worth of transactions since the business began to accept the digital currency.

“It went from one transaction a week, then two transactions a week, and now we’re about two or three a day!” Coupal said.

And Kim Park, who owns Ocean Blue Sushi, said it was a move to cut the fees she was racking up from credit and debit card transaction fees.

“All the fees, a lot of fees – more than 3,000 dollars a month!” Park said.

And that excitement is spreading week by week as more businesses choose to adopt the digital currency, from an inn in the ski resort town of Red Lodge Montana to a Florida man buying a Tesla out of a Newport Beach, Calif. dealership using all Bitcoins.

Even a small hotel in Belize is accepting Bitcoin payments. Owners of Corozal Bay Resort tell NBC Bay Area that they’ve had just a few Bitcoin payments but that they love that it’s “easy, fast and safe. And if the value goes up, we might even make a bit of extra money to boot.”….. Read more

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