Bitcoin Miner Earning $8 Million a Month

8-million-month10 Mar 2014 / International Business Times – An elaborate bitcoin mining operation near Seattle is earning its owner an estimated $8 million (£4.81m) a month.

While most amateur or part-time bitcoin miners are attempting to mine fractions of a single coin using supped-up desktop PCs, Dave Carlson is running his bitcoin mining operation out of two whole warehouses in an undisclosed location in Washington state.

Carlson invited local news station Komo News to have a look around the mammoth operation which Carlson claims is “the largest mine in North America and most of the rest of the world.”

The rows and rows of processors combine to create the processing power of one petahash, or one thousand trillion calculations per second. For some context, this amount of processing power was only crossed on the entire bitcoin network just six months ago.

Each of the two warehouses contains racks of thousands of specially designed bitcoin mining rigs which are produced with the sole purpose of efficiently solving the highly complex mathematical equations which need to be cracked to mine a bitcoin…. Read more

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