Bitcoin gets buy-in from Newegg, the tech-focused retailer

newegg01 July 2014 / CNet – Electronics retailer Newegg has begun accepting payments in the Bitcoin virtual currency, a move designed to appeal to its technically inclined clientele.

“Our customers have been asking for Bitcoin as a payment option for months,” said Soren Mills, chief marketing officer of Newegg North America. “We believe there is a pent-up demand just waiting to be served and we are happy to open this payment option to them.”

The company is accepting Bitcoin payments through a partnership with BitPay, a Bitcoin transaction processor.

The move could help push Bitcoin from crypto-incomprensible technology with a bit of a checkered past into just another way to buy stuff. That’s what travel site Expedia had in mind when it embraced Bitcoin in June, and it’s a future that’s more likely with Apple’s App Store reversing a Bitcoin app ban and California legalizing alternative currencies this month.

“In an era of evolving payment methods, from Amazon Coins to Starbucks Stars, it is impractical to ignore the growing use of cash alternatives,” said Democratic Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, author of the California bill…… Read more

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