Bitcoin Foundation: The little known group lobbying for virtual money

bitcoin-foundation13 Jan 2014 / The Globe and Mail – To get the inside story on what may be the future of money, you have to visit a high-tech office suite four blocks north of the White House.

This is where the Bitcoin Foundation lives in relative anonymity. Despite the cryptocurrency’s rapid rise to prominence, its most vocal advocate is as yet little known to the general public.

Among U.S. legislators, however, the foundation is building a growing reputation. Over the past year the non-profit group has become bitcoin’s de facto ambassador as it works to educate policy makers about a new form of money that is not supported by any government and not backed by any tangible commodity.

The foundation says its mission is to help people exchange resources and ideas more freely. Founded in September, 2012, it relies on donations from members, which include Lightspeed Venture Partners, a California-based venture capital fund, and Circle Internet Financial, a Boston start-up that aims to build payment systems that will allow more merchants to accept bitcoins.

Like bitcoin itself, the foundation is decentralized. Jinyoung Englund, the director of public affairs, is the only employee based in Washington. The executive director resides in Spain, legal counsel works from Seattle, and chief scientist Gavin Andresen is in Australia.

All of them, naturally enough, are paid in bitcoins….. Read more

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