Bitcoin digital currency is starting to appear in New Orleans small businesses

neworleans16 Jan 2014 / – At David’s Antiques on Royal Street in the French Quarter, the owners revel in the irony of running a store that sells old-fashioned relics using one of the most newfangled technologies to take payments, the digital currency Bitcoin. The 60-year-old shop began accepting Bitcoin, a subject of much recent media attention, in April, making David’s one of few small businesses in New Orleans participating so far.

Sharona Edry, whose family owns the shop, is a Bitcoin enthusiast. The store carries souvenir Bitcoin doubloons, money clips, cufflinks and lapel pins. The sign on the door announcing the store’s receptiveness to Bitcoin and listings on Bitcoin retailer directories have attracted people who embrace the currency, Edry said.

“They were excited because they bought something physical,” Edry said. “We get people once an hour commenting on our sign.”

Like other business owners, Edry said the appeal of Bitcoin comes from a lack of credit card fees, cash-like properties that prevent charge-backs the store faces when customers later call credit card companies to stop payments on purchases, and international uniformity. “A Bitcoin is a Bitcoin, all over the world,” said her mother, Ester Edry…… Read more

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