Bitcoin creeping into Pittsburgh

pittsburgh25 Jan 2014 / Pittsburgh Post Gazette – Fukuda, a Japanese restaurant in Bloomfield, on Wednesday proudly posted a message to its Facebook and Twitter followers: “Ladies and gentlemen, Fukuda has officially accepted bitcoin as payment for Omakase this evening.”

Omakase, for the uninitiated, is a “chef’s tasting menu” offered by the sushi restaurant, said owner Hoon Kim.

And bitcoin? To hear some tell it, bitcoin is the future of currency.

“It simply makes more sense,” said Andy Tepper, who was Fukuda’s first customer to pay in bitcoins. “The only reason that merchants still use MasterCard and Visa is because the population hasn’t merged over to bitcoin.”

Much of the population, however, probably has yet to hear of bitcoin.

According to its website, bitcoin is a digital, encrypted currency developed in 2009 by a person or persons using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The selling point is that it allows for instant peer-to-peer transactions all over the world without relying on a central bank or a government, unlike traditional currencies.

It’s still unusual to find a business that accepts bitcoin, though an increasing number of places do, such as Last week, the ToonSeum, Downtown, announced that it would start accepting bitcoin for admission. Director Joe Wos said Friday the museum is still awaiting its first bitcoin customer….. Read more

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