Bitcoin Beauties promotes use of currency by women

bitcoinbeauties22 Feb 2014 / SFgate – At the inaugural Bitcoin Fair, an evening of bitcoin evangelizing held this month in a packed-to-capacity Japantown ramen joint in San Francisco, the absence of one thing stood out.

“I invited lots of women,” bemoaned the event host, QuickCoin co-founder Nathan Lands.

They apparently had not accepted.

Sarah Blincoe, founder of the Santa Cruz startup Bitcoin Beauties, wants to address this problem in the bitcoin community, one plainly obvious to anyone who has ever attended a bitcoin conference, Meetup, or even scrolled through bitcoin forums on the Web.

Part of her strategy is to appeal to women through their own beauty. Her logic: Helping women feel beautiful might also help them dive into the emerging digital currency.

“For me to feel empowered and beautiful in a community is really important,” said Blincoe, 26.

The company’s slogan is “Beauty, Brains, Bitcoin.” Its logo is a sketch of two voluptuous, nude women, posing pin-up style beside the stylized bitcoin “B.”

The company website, yet to be completed, is now a photo collage of women, some topless, silhouetted against a beach sunset. Blincoe refers to members as “our beauties.”…. Read more

Photo credit: Sarah Blincoe


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