Bitcoin Bazaar, New Mobile App for Buying and Selling Bitcoins, Now Available

bitcoinbazaar14 Aug 2014 / Market Watch – MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug 14, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Bay Coins, LLC announced today it has released the first mobile marketplace app for buying and selling bitcoins with other users – Bitcoin BazaarLocal. The app is now available for iOS and Android devices on the iTunes App Store and Google Play , respectively, making it the first fully functional app for matching buyers and sellers of Bitcoin on both platforms.

Bitcoin Bazaar is the easiest way to acquire Bitcoin, the leading crypto-currency, while still protecting users’ privacy. The app lets users find buyers and sellers in their neighborhood, using location services from their mobile phone, and lets buyers and sellers transact using cash without needing to enter bank or financial information into the app….. Read more

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