Behind The Mic With Joe Mathieu: What Is Bitcoin?

apps21 Feb 2014 / BOSTON (CBS) – It’s one of those things you hear about but you’re not too sure exactly what it is, even though it seems pretty important.

And now that the first Bitcoin ATM has arrived in Boston (at South Station), it’s time to get with it.

Yes, Bitcoin is currency. But unlike the dollar, it’s it is not backed by any government or country. And it exists online.

Bitcoin is also traded, but unlike traditional currency, it’s bought and sold between individuals, rather than banks. And that trading is essentially what sets its value, which by the way has been quite volatile lately.

While a virtual currency may sound “pie in the sky,” you should know that Bitcoin has seen remarkable growth and some major companies are already accepting it.

In fact, the Sacramento Kings last year became the first pro sports team to do so. You can even use Bitcoin to book trips through….. Read more

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