At Least 54 Bitcoin Clones Have Been Created Since April

clone02 Dec 2013 / Business Insider – At least 54 different digital currencies have been created in the past seven months.

That’s according to, a Wiki site tracking digital currencies.

The most recent is Asicoin, born on Sept. 11. It’s advertised as a coin designed just for ASIC-mining hardware. ASIC chips are the most efficient types of chips for mining Bitcoin, and top of the line miners can retail for tens of thousands of dollars. So in theory Asiccoin is designed to equalize the mining playing field.

But the consensus seems to be that Asiccoin and the vast majority of the alternative cryptocurrency galaxy should be thought of more like penny stocks that are poised to go nowhere. Only a handful are worth more than a dollar, and not all the coins appear to be active…… Read more

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