Actions By 3 Fortune 500 Companies Signal Bitcoin’s Price May Surge In 2014

fortune50004 June 2014 / Benzinga – This past week has been action-packed for those following bitcoin.

But instead of analysts and investors prognosticating about bitcoin’s potential, there has been action by Fortune 500 companies.

And actions do indeed speak louder than words. The past seven days have brought bitcoin actions from Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Dish (NASDAQ: DISH) and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN).


While the company’s developer conference, WWDC, was in progress, others at Apple were busy updating their policies to permit iOS apps that transmit virtual currencies. It is expected this change is to allow bitcoin wallets on iPhones.

Prior to that announcement, Apple had been rejecting bitcoin wallets from companies like, Coinbase and Gliph.

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Apple’s ban was a barrier to adoption for bitcoin. Bitcoin is a great technology that can send money between two people anywhere in the world instantly, but iPhones couldn’t be used to pay with bitcoins. That was a non-starter for many; it was especially damaging since many company executives use iPhones.

Apple’s ban also enraged bitcoin fans, who claimed the move was antithetical to Apple’s image of being innovative and anti-establishment. There was even a campaign for bitcoiners to smash working iPhones and to switch to Android.

It appears Apple is reversing its stance before this migration becomes a mass exodus. This means iPhone users will expand the bitcoin economy. Before’s app was banned, it had already been downloaded 120,000 times. This also might mean that Apple sees a bright future for digital currencies.

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